Last year we introduced D Tea F, an aphrodisiac tea. Both men and women can benefit from drinking this tea! Many guests have asked us what about this blend makes it an aphrodisiac. Let’s dive into the ingredients! 

D Tea F is a blend of damiana leaf, rose petals, lemon balm, hibiscus, ashwagandha and rose black tea. Our herbalist selected these ingredients for their aphrodisiac properties, but they are also great for promoting wellness in many other ways! 

Damiana Leaf - The flavonoids in damiana plants were found to have pro-sexual effects. Not only is it good for sexual health, but it has other benefits as well. Damiana relaxes the nervous system, helping to inhibit stress and anxiety. Damiana has high levels of apigenin, which helps improve the emotional state and reduces anxiety. Damiana helps ease delayed menstruation, and reduces acne breakouts and headaches.  

Rose Petals - Rose petals are high in Vitamin C; help soothe a stressed mind; soothes a sore throat; cleanses the liver; and is antibacterial, which reduces acne and breakouts. 

Lemon Balm - Sometimes called the “gladdening herb” because it uplifts your mood. Helps treat tension and anxiety-type headaches. It promotes a calm and relaxed feeling and is a mild sedative as well. It also relaxes stomach and intestinal spasms.

Hibiscus - Antioxidant rich, which helps eliminate free radicals and fight bacteria; helps lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Ashwagandha - Helps reduce blood sugar levels; reduces stress and anxiety; may help alleviate depression; boosts testosterone and increases sperm count and motility; reduces inflammation; helps lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. 

Rose Black Tea - Great for mental alertness and energy; also great for boosting metabolism, promotes circulation, diabetes regulation, and osteoporosis prevention. Because black tea promotes circulation, it is great for blood flow in all of the right places! 😉

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