summertime inspired and naturally made.


These adorable handmade soaps are made with love and tea! Our naturally fragrant teas make for a perfect tool to infuse in these soaps, and now you don't have to wait for your daily brew to soak in those heavenly aromas. Wash your hands or body with these tea soaps to get you in that fruity, refreshing summertime flow. Each soap is made with ingredients provided to us by Mother Nature: coconut oil, palm oil, lard, olive oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, caster oil, natural colorant, essential/fragrance oil and, of course, the wholesome ingredients in our tea blends. 

Mango Paradise Tea Soap

Aromatic Notes:

tropical ∙ sweet coconut ∙ refreshing

Lavender Sage Lemonade Tea Soap

Aromatic Notes:

herbaceous ∙ fresh citrus ∙ earthy sage

Tropical Black Tea Soap

Aromatic Notes:

black tea ∙ bright pineapple ∙ fresh fruit

Bee Pollen Black Tea Soap

Aromatic Notes:

birthday cake ∙ creamy vanilla ∙ bold black tea 

Prickly Pear Tea Soap

Aromatic Notes:

fruit-forward ∙ sweet melon ∙ delicate tanginess

Lavender Crème Brûlée Tea Soap

Aromatic Notes:

crème brûlée ∙ decadent ∙ lavender undertones

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