Take out the journal!

This month we are practicing gratitude and diving deep into the power of positive thinking. Journaling is an easy way to explore gratitude. The simple act of taking 5 minutes to write down your thoughts can have such a positive influence in your life in many ways.

Open your journal and give these gratitude prompts a try.

1. Think about your life. If you were suddenly living someone else's life, what would you miss about yours?

What comes to mind is important to you. Nurture those things.

2. If you walked into a room filled with everyone you have ever met, who would you look for first?

Reach out to the person you thought of and make a date to do something together, or just talk. Be in the moment with that person.

3. Think of a way someone has helped you recently.

Express your gratitude to that person by sending them a small gift or a hand-written thank you note. Little things go a long way.

Don't forget!

This month we are doing the gratitude challenge!

It's pretty simple: no negative speech for the month of November.

Meet problems with solutions, obstacles with ambition to overcome and frustration with understanding.

Good luck friends and happy tea time!

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Butterfly Garden

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