+ ways to nourish your inner playfulness and sense of adventure

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It is officially summertime and that means it is peak season to get outside, be social, and PLAY! When we imagine the concept of play we are automatically brought back to the innocent, joyful, and simpler times of childhood. Many scientists believe that when adults participate in playful activities, it can improve cognitive function, help us to deal with stress better, enhance creative thinking, and best of all, make us laugh more often!

Here are a few ways to incorporate just a little more play into your day as an adult.

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Walk, climb, or run on terrain you aren't familiar with.

Treading uneven ground is something humans are meant to do! Our ancestors evolved to use certain muscle groups and practice balance and coordination in their daily lives. While we don't regularly walk on rocks or tread through rivers anymore, our bodies are hard wired to handle the uncertainty of the ground we walk on.

  • When we retrain our bodies to adapt to uneven surfaces, we’re doing more than simply navigating bumpy ground. We’re fine-tuning our coordination, strengthening our physical bodies, and improving mental awareness, much like children do when they are developing. This type of playful practice and exploration can trigger nostalgic feelings of childhood!
  • Next time you are out in nature, try climbing/jumping on rocks, walking in the forest instead of on the path, or balancing on a log. You might rediscover some confidence in your physical abilities and find a part of your inner child that wants to play!

Forage for food & eat outside with other people.

  • Foraging is a great way to get in touch with nature and indulge your curiosity. When you forage, you get to try new flavors, feel new textures, explore new places, and connect with the land (which can emulate the experiences you had as a child). Do adequate research to forage safely and practice being present in nature. Inspect each plant with attention to all the little details you tend to overlook.
  • Once you have your bounty, try eating a meal outside with your friends or family. When you eat outside, you get fresh air which can improve your mood by decreasing anxiety. When you eat with other people, this can build a sense of trust and community, which is something all humans need.

Do something your kid self would have loved to do.

  • When you were a kid did you love to have sleepovers, do crafts, visit the botanical garden or play board games with your family? There is absolutely no reason you can't do fun things like this as an adult!
  • Next time you find yourself needing something to do, ditch Netflix and think of the things that you used to like to do as a kid, then go do it! It might seem boring at first, but once you get in the groove of it, you will remember why you liked that activity so much as a kid.

Here are some fruity teas that will appeal to your inner kid:


Mango Paradise

Coconut Limoncello

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