a guide to reading your tea leaves.

tasseography: the art of the tea leaf.

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Reading tea leaves is an ancient tradition practiced by various cultures around the world. The concept of reading tea leaves was popularized by fortune tellers in the 17th century. Tea leaf readers would interpret the symbols and patterns found in the loose tea leaves in a freshly drank tea cup to predict the future. ✨ The practice is typically done with plain black or green tea and served in a light-colored tea cup in order to see the tea leaves more clearly. 

Reading tea leaves is a great way to inspire your creativity and imagination, spend a quiet moment with yourself and get more in touch with your inner voice - exactly what we are practicing this October!

Here’s an easy guide to reading your tea leaves.


First, you need the right tea. We recommend using a loose tea that will unfurl in your tea cup to create distinct images.

Try one of these.


Osmanthus Oolong

Jasmine White Monkey Green

Earl Grey

Follow These Steps:

1. The tea leaves need to be free to float, so no infusers! Place the tea directly into your water. Add your normal honey, sugar or cream-however you take it. The idea is that a person's way of drinking affects the leaves, so at the end the shape they make are unique to the person.

2. Take some deep breaths, clear your mind and if you have a specific question, keep it mind while you drink.

3. Stop drinking when there is almost no liquid left at the bottom of your cup (less than a teaspoon). Swirl the cup three times counterclockwise with your non dominant hand, flip the cup over gently into a saucer and turn the saucer clockwise three times, making sure that the handle of the cup is pointing towards you when you stop.

4. Flip the cup back over (there should be a pile of leaves left on the saucer) and take in the symbols clockwise starting with the handle pointing towards you/the reader. Trust your first impressions and start by analyzing the shapes. Look for numbers, lines, letters, animals and objects. Remember, don't force an answer, trust your intuition and write down or draw what you see!

The bottom of the cup is said to represent the distant future (one month or more), the middle section represents roughly a week or more and the top outer rim is said to be the immediate future (so within the next couple of days.) The different things you see can have some symbolic meaning and may require a quick search on the internet. Other symbols you see may simply resonate with you personally.

Happy tea time friends!

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