2020 has been hard. This year we learned what it felt like to live through a global pandemic. Our world experienced fear, financial stress, the loneliness of isolation, and the frustration of uncertainty. Then, on May 25th, we were shaken again by the murder of George Floyd.

The news following this tragedy weighs heavily as we struggle to find our message. We know a grave injustice has been done and that there is hate and violence in this world that we cannot understand. Our hearts ache for George Floyd and his family, and our minds are left worrying. We worry about the scale of injustice. We worry for families that have lost loved ones through similar violent acts. We worry for small businesses being impacted by destruction. We worry for the police officers who embrace equality and whose sincerest intention is to protect. We worry for the division in our country when unity feels most empowering in hard times.

With the weight of this sorrow, we've turned to loving meditations and prayer to soothe our heartache. We find solace in each glimmer of kindness and unity we see in the news. Our hearts are soothed by the love that surrounds us at OBTC and by the belief that each generation is inheriting the wisdom of the previous - that we are en route to a more peaceful future. We are comforted most by knowing that we can do more than just talk about it. We know we can do better and we can shine our loving light on our communities through honesty, compassion, and meaningful actions.  

We can add real world value through volunteering, donating, and behaving in a manner that celebrates equality and justice. We can channel our energy into affecting positive change. We can be an example in our communities by listening, growing, and strategizing, together, to create a kinder world.


With love, 

The OBTC Family

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