The gift that keeps on giving... OBTC's Seasonal Tea Club. Four shipments a year, 6 different new OBTC Blends to try each time. Go ahead, treat yourself this holiday season. You earned it! You'll thank yourself each time a new shipment arrives.

What is Tea Club?

6 of our favorite blends for the season shipped to your door!

At Old Barrel Tea Co, our herbalist and master blender is always coming up with new blends to suite the season! Tea club members get to try these first! Tea club also includes blended combinations of two or more teas (as seen in our custom blended jar section) in a small tin, so members can sample these unique combinations and find their favorites before buying a full jar!

Tea club members get 15% off when ordering loose leaf tea online!

Tea club is a fun way to expand your tea palate and find new blends to fall in love with each season! Be careful though - the reorder habit is strong!

Coming This Winter

The Winter Tea Club is inspired by the aromas of holiday recipes, the sound of the fire crackling, and the cozy feeling we have during the winter months!

This time of year is all about the hustle and bustle! The Winter Tea Club blends are intended to help you relax, get cozy, and indulge in the sweetness of the season. 

Winter Tea Club tells a story of the intricate, comforting, and jubilant flavors and aromas we experience throughout the holidays. Think toasty marshmallows and hot chocolate, holiday party desserts, spiked beverages, zesty spices and fruit, and a roaring fire!  Winter is the season to recharge your body and mind, to be mindful and grateful about all the good things in the world, and to indulge, just a little bit!

We hope the teas we have chosen for this shipment make you feel nostalgic, cozy, and joyful this holiday season!

When does it ship?

Winter: December 15th

Spring: March 15

Summer: June 15th

Fall: September 15th

How does the billing work?

Your card will be auto-billed each season before the club ships. You'll be able to login to manage your account information, update billing/shipping, skip shipments, and (sad, but rare) cancel if need be. 

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