🍄 shroom boom 🍄

+ all you need to know about our brand new blend

This is some next level cocoa.

This decadent blend is made with adaptogenic plants and mushrooms – meaning they will improve neurological health, help your body cope with stress, and support longevity. But it’s not just super good for your quality of life… it's also delicious! This creamy wellness booster is rich with cocoa flavor and has a subtle chile spice.

So how do you make it at home?

Whisk 1-2 teaspoons of powder with a small amount of water to make into a smooth paste. Add hot water or milk and stir. This blend is lovely served hot with a spoonful of honey and a dash of cream!

Shroom Boom


cocoa powder, chaga mushroom powder, maca root, beet powder, Vietnamese cinnamon, lion’s mane mushroom powder, and Hatch, NM red chile powder

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