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New Beginnings

March is the month where the animals start to wake up from their long winter naps and the plants start to sprout from the earth. It is the time of year where fresh new life surrounds us, and the sun starts to peak through the cold air. During the winter season we are more prone to seasonal depression and feeling low. Using herbal remedies to soothe those blues is our favorite way to welcome a clean slate for the year.

The power of a healing herb can be used in many ways- including in teas, spices and essential oils. Here are our favorite mood-boosting herbs to lift your spirits for the season:

Mood Boosting Herbs in Tea

rose ∙ lemon balm ∙ ashwaganda ∙ damiana ∙ ginger ∙


D Tea F is a blend of damiana leaf, lemon balm, black tea, rose petals, hibiscus and ashwagandha. The herbs that make up this blend work to protect the body from chronic stress, balance your hormones and help with insomnia and anxiety. These herbs can also boost libido and promote overall wellness. 


Ginger Orchard Medley is a blend of oolong tea, chamomile, apples pieces, peaches, lemon myrtle and ginger. Ginger is an herb that is warming and comforting, relaxes the mind and body and promotes blood circulation. When your blood circulates properly, the nutrients and minerals found in ginger are distributed equally and adequately, which results in a happier and healthier version of you.


Our turmeric spice can be used in many cooking and baking recipes, and it can also be used as an additive to your tea. Consuming turmeric increases the production of dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are known to contribute to a happy mood and positive feelings. In addition, curcumin, which makes turmeric yellow in color, is found to be an antidepressant.


Peppermint is invigoratingly fresh with subtle earthy notes and is great for soothing a headache, calming the mind, and improving focus. Peppermint Essential Oil is known to boost energy levels and inspire feelings of clarity and a clear mind.

In one study, peppermint essential oil was linked to a reduction in heart rate and headaches, two side effects of high stress. 

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