Check out our May yoga flow with our favorite yogi, Ashley.

3 parts Bergamot, 2 parts Sweet Orange and 2 parts Grapefruit

Nirvana Essential Oil Blend

popsicle stand ∙ sweet citrus ∙ sun-drenched earth

This essential oil combination awakens the senses and encourages feelings of happiness and bliss! It captures the aroma of early summer, as citrus fruits are coming into season and a sense of carefree playfulness sweeps over the earth. The three oils work together to relieve stress and to energize and refresh your space.

Yoga and essential oils are known to have uplifting effects on our mental health and have demonstrated significant decreases in symptoms of depression and anxiety. And this month, we are focused on all things mental health! Add a few drops of each oil in the Nirvana Blend to a diffuser and join Ashley in this month's yoga routine that focuses on grounding and calming the senses through bends and poses that awaken the spine and strengthen the diaphragm.


Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Begin in mountain pose and bend your knees slightly. Gently fold your torso over your legs, hinging from the hips. On the inhale, extend your chest to lengthen your spine. On the exhale, straighten your legs. Your hands may stay next to your feet or you can hold onto opposite elbows. Hold this pose for 3 minutes.

This pose slows down the racing heart and brings serenity to the mind. The spinal nerves are relaxed, which sends a calming signal to your brain.

Revolved Head to Knee Pose (Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana)

Begin in dandasana and ground through your sit bones as you open your legs to about 120 degrees. Bend your left knee and bring your heel in towards the groin. On the inhale, extend your arms up towards the sky. On the exhale, lean your torso to the right and bring the backside of your right forearm to the floor inside your left leg. Extend your right hand, palm up, and reach your hand toward your foot. Raise your left arm and bring it overhead. If you can reach it comfortably, grab your right foot. Hold for 2-5 minutes. Repeat on other side.

The spine is a channel between your brain and the rest of your body and this pose energizes the spine and opens the ribcage, increasing oxygen throughout the body.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Lie flat on your belly with your hands by your side. While keeping your toes active, begin to bend your knees and grab the outer edges of your ankles with your hands and flex your feet. On the inhale, press your ankles in your hands, lifting your chest and thighs. Lift your rib cage and slide your shoulder blades down to open your chest and heart. Stay lifted for 5-7 breaths.

This pose opens the chest, throat and entire front body. It strengthens the length of the spine, increasing circulation and opens the ribcage to allow the lungs to expand more fully.

Butterfly Pose w/Hands Interlaced Behind Head (Baddha Konasana)

From a seated position, bring the soles of your feet together and allow the knees to fall out to the sides.  Lengthen your spine and ground your sit bones. On the inhale, extend your hands to the sky and interlace behind your head or neck. If your body allows it, on the exhale, bend forward, keeping your spine long and chin up. Take long deep breaths and soften into the pose. Hold for 3-5 minutes.

This pose opens the deepest parts of the hips. It releases the physical and mental stress that gets stored and helps create new space within the body for deeper connection to your inner self.

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

Begin by lying flat on your mat, hands by your side and palms planted into the earth. Bend your legs and bring the soles of your feet on the floor. Extend your legs towards the sky and flex your toes towards your face. Lift your lower back off your mat as you bring your feet over your head. With control, point your feet towards the sky. Gently lower your legs and slowly roll back down. Hold for 5-10 breaths.

This pose brings the heels above the heart which calms the body and mind. Inversions reverse blood flow which increases circulation and brings more oxygen to the entire body.

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Come to your knees, with legs hip width apart. Keep your hips over your knees and internally rotate your thighs. Reach for your heels if you can. On the inhale, lift your sternum and draw your elbows toward each other, allowing your rib cage to expand. Keep your core engaged, spine long and chin tucked as you gently lower the head and neck, feeling the opening of the heart. Hold for 5-7 breaths.

This pose increases the flexibility in the spine and relieves tension in the shoulders and neck.  It opens the throat and heart which encourages us to get comfortable with our emotions and accept whatever arises.

Namaste friends.

We hope you have a lovely day!

These poses and pose descriptions were generously provided by our favorite yogi, Ashley. Ashley is a Ruidoso, NM based instructor who loves teaching, traveling, and tea! 

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