The Brain Powering Matcha Smoothie Bowl
Welcome back to another Monday inspired by the goodness of Matcha. This month we are challenging you to incorporate Matcha into your daily routine - because we believe self-care should be a daily habit. Matcha is antioxidant rich, promotes healthy brain function, and elevates overall wellness. Check out this creamy, fresh and brain powering Matcha recipe. ⬇︎




Combine all ingredients and blend until consistency is smooth. Add more milk for desired consistency and top with optional ingredients to personalize your bowl! This bowl is decorated with blueberries and dark chocolate shards, but these ingredients are also amazing to top with:

🌱 vanilla protein powder 🌱

🌱 hemp seeds 🌱

🌱 shredded coconut 🌱

🌱 dark chocolate shreds 🌱

🌱 pinon nuts or almonds 🌱

🌱 blueberries/strawberries 🌱

🌱 bee pollen 🌱

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