Stuck in that afternoon slump?

Here's 3 things you can do to energize your afternoon.

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Charge your battery.

For many people the afternoon brings yawns and sudden fatigue. Luckily, there are strategies to overcome these inevitable tired feelings! Try to...

1. Eat a light, plant-based lunch - a carb and protein heavy lunch can cause afternoon sluggishness as our bodies produce more serotonin.

2. Chug a glass of water and sip on an herbal tea. Hydrating will help prevent fatigue and tiredness.

3. Get outside. Being outside in nature reduces stress and increases motivation. Also, letting the sun soak your face can improve your energy (you are a solar-powered being).

Indulge a little.

Mindfully carve out a non-negotiable time to revitalize your day EVERY DAY! Dedicate just 10 minutes of your afternoon to do something that is energizing and revitalizing. Go on a walk, stretch, draw, call a friend, tidy your desk, read something inspirational, or practice a hobby. Knowing you have dedicated time to do something that brings you joy in the middle of the day can motivate you in the morning and leave you feeling more refreshed in the afternoon.

Do a brain dump. It's fun. 

When you find yourself feeling unmotivated, tired, or even burned out, try brain dumping. Brain dumping consists of sitting down somewhere quiet, alone, and without your phone, and writing a list of literally anything that comes to mind. Write a list of the things that stress you out, the things that bring you joy, what shows or books you want to start, what places around the world you want to see, or baby names you love. Literally ANYTHING! Doing this takes your mind to a different place and gets you dreaming and thinking creatively. It's refreshing, revitalizing, and can be completely inspirational.

Energizing teas to keep you going throughout the day.


Crisp Apple Pu Erh

Tropical Cinnamon Sangria

Summerville Sweet Tea

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