🍁 hot tea season 🍁

Meet our favorite little glass tea pot + matching warmer

Glass Teapot

34 fl oz glass tea pot with a stainless steal infuser. ➝

The infuser is large enough that tea leaves can fully unfurl, but has a fine enough grating that no leaves will leak into your brew.

Brew tea for two in this pretty little tea pot.

Glass Teapot Warmer

This elegant glass tea accessory is made to keep your pot of tea hot! Just remove the top lid, light a small tea light candle, place the top back on, and set your teapot on top to keep warm. Ideal to use at tea parties when you are serving multiple guests, or for just yourself when you want to feel a little fancy. 💅🏼

Hot tea blends we love.


Chocolate Orange Pu Erh

earthy ∙ dark chocolate ∙ citrus

Green Chile Biscochito

comforting ∙ spiced ∙ shortbread

Lavenderose Chamomint

floral ∙ vanilla ∙ refreshing mint

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