Honey Is Good For The Tummy
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unfiltered honey contains natural pro and prebiotics that boost your gut health

Raw and unfiltered honey can be used as an ingredient in the kitchen, but you can also store it in your medicine cabinet. Raw and unfiltered honey has many great health benefits, like boosting the immune system and protecting your cardiovascular health. But....our favorite quality about honey is that it is the best natural remedy to improve gut health and here's why...

It's all in the good bacteria.

Probiotics, or "good bacteria" is what maintains a healthy digestive system. This good bacteria helps you in many ways, including fighting off bad bacteria to restore balance in your body-which makes you feel good! 

The thing about probiotics, however, is that they are pretty picky with what they need to eat to stay healthy while they do their job of keeping us healthy. And what they need are prebiotics, which come in the form of fiber. It turns out that raw honey is a natural prebiotic! It contains compounds that the good bacteria utilizes to make nutrients that we need to stay healthy.

🧠 Mental Health Awareness Month 🧠

In addition to supporting our digestive systems, probiotics also help with constipation, mental sharpness, anxiety and depression.

Your body is a microbiome, so everything is connected in one way or another. When you have a healthy digestion system, this can nurture a healthy brain.

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