Oolong: The Monk Meditation Tea

Tea is deeply cherished by Zen Buddhist monks, who were some of the first people that recognized that tea is more than just a thirst quencher. It is the enhancer of senses and can be used as a guide to achieve mindfulness. Most of us aren't monks, but if you look close enough into our own lives, we often times brew tea as an accompaniment during times of unwinding, awakening, and enjoying. Oolong tea is a popular choice amongst meditative monks to drink during their meditation, as it keeps them alert and awake while also allowing them to indulge in tea's soul-soothing qualities.

oolong teas to meditate with:

Chinese Milk Oolong

Ginger Orchard Medley

Osmanthus Oolong

Foster a sense of gratitude and respect for nature and life by taking five minutes to practice tea mediation:

1: Heat Water. Simply sit, watch, and listen as the water slowly becomes energized with heat and releases steam. Concentrate on each inhale and exhale as if each breath is cleansing your entire body and your mind.

2: Steep: Allow yourself to steep in the moment. If your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought, but let it pass. Watch the leaves slowly unfurl and listen to the bubbles spread through the leaves.

3: Consume the tea with your senses: Before you take a sip, study the color and clarity of the brew. Breathe in the aromas of the steam. Feel the warmth and the weight of the cup.

4: Practice Gratitude: Take a moment to give thanks to all the things that let you experience this moment. Give thanks to the tea and to yourself for taking the time to practice mindfulness.

5: Drink: Savor every part of the flavor, texture, and warmth that fills your body. Be intentional with every sip and if your mind wanders, note the thought, and let it pass. Refocus your attention on your tea and the present moment.


Stainless Steel Infuser

Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon

Olive Wood Honey Dipper

Wildflower Honey

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