Goodbye White Grapefruit
You are lovely and will be missed!

Ingredients and Flavor Profile

This refreshing blend is made with white tea, grapefruit peels and natural grapefruit flavor.  It is clean and bright with grapefruit tartness!  We love to prepare this blend with Mesquite Honey, a squeeze of fresh grapefruit, and poured over ice!

Why must we say goodbye? 

For those of you who know us, you know OBTC is truly a small family operation.  We love introducing new blends to share with all of you, but with each new blend we must make room in our little blending facility by phasing out old favorites. 

If you are a White Grapefruit lover and would like to see something similar blended in the future, let us know via email or private message on social media! We are always interested to see what you like and what blends could become your new favorite!

Happy tea time friends 

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