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Of the best tea making tips & tricks from our matriarch, Dana.

Dana is one of the leading founders (and mom to us all) of our little tea co and is the reason we all love loose leaf tea so much! This Mother's Day we are celebrating her, as she is an inspiration to us all and loves like no other. After surviving cancer THREE times, she believes that the healing benefits of tea are part of what got her through and helped her body to fight, heal, and remain cancer free to this day. White tea in particular, is Dana's go-to because of how antioxidant rich it is! Antioxidants work by tracking down free radicals and neutralizing their harmful effects. This helps keep more of the body's cells healthy and less susceptible to becoming cancerous.

Here are 3 simple tips from Dana to up your game on white tea making:

Tip #1: Never over steep and definitely set a timer.

White tea is a delicate tea leaf (think of it as a baby tea leaf). It is known as the Goldilocks of teas because it needs to be prepared just right. Not under steeped or over steeped, but perfectly in the middle. 😉 White tea can't be left in hot water for too long, so Dana recommends only steeping it for 3-5 minutes. Steeping white tea over 5 minutes will often times result in a bitter and astringent flavor.

Tip #2: Steep white tea in hot, but not boiling water.

There is such thing as burning tea leaves! Dana recommends using water that is around 160-175℉ to brew white tea with. Dana says watching for tiny bubbles forming on the bottom of a pot of water is a good way to tell that the water is ready. But if you want to be extra sure of your temperature, using a temperature adjusting kettle will ensure you get the best brew.

PRO TIP: Boiling water and then letting it cool removes oxygen from the water and decreases the flavor of the tea. It's better to bring water up to (rather than down to) the appropriate temperature if you can!

Tip #3: Make it iced to drink throughout the week.

Drinking white tea every day is one of the best ways to keep those free radicals in check! Dana recommends using our Flash Iced Tea Maker to make yourself a big batch of white tea to drink throughout the week. Here's exactly how she does it:

  • We always recommend to add 1-2 tsp. of tea per 8 ounces of water, so to make 2 quarts of tea (the size of the Flash Iced Tea Maker) add about 16-20 tsp. (or 5-7 Tbsp.) to the infuser included in the Flash Iced Tea Maker.
  • Fill the Flash Iced Tea Maker half way with water heated to 160-175℉.
  • Add a little bit of your favorite honey while the tea is warm and steep for 3-5 minutes.
  • Remove infuser, add ice the rest of the way then shake! Store in fridge.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there.

Love, OBTC 💕


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