3 easy ways to move your body while sitting

+ teas to help with inflammation 

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This month we are focusing on incorporating movement into our daily lives (including at work) to create an active lifestyle. ☀️ Got some back problems from sitting at work all day? Got 5 minutes? Try these movements while sitting to relieve your back muscles and lightly exercise your body. ⬇

Tip 1: Adjust your workspace.

  • As your hand rest on the desk in front of you, your elbows should form a 90-degree angle. If your elbows hang lower than the surface of your desk, adjust the height of your chair.
  • Make sure your armrests are adjusted to slightly lift your shoulders. Doing so will not only reduce the strain placed on your upper spine and shoulders, but it will also make you less likely to slouch forward.
  • While you are still situated in your chair, close your eyes for a few moments and then slowly open them. As you open your eyes, your gaze should be on your computer screen or the subject you are focused on. If this area is not aligned with your resting eye level, or if you sense that you are tilting your head either higher or lower, you will need to make adjustments.

Tip 2: Stretch or stand.

  • Lumbar disc issues could be mitigated by simply changing position every 15-30 minutes! Stand up while you’re making a phone call or talking to a colleague. Head to the kitchen for a new cup of coffee and a stretch. Take a walk around the office for a few minutes. Do anything you can to adjust your position and move your body.
  • Pay attention to the muscles that tend to get tight after sitting all day. If your hips feel tight, make sure you stretch those throughout the day. If you have your own office or a private space where you can get into an odd position for just 30 seconds, do it! Your stretches don’t have to be anything complex. The goal is simply to move and utilize your muscles throughout the day.

Is your back pain caused by inflammation? Try these anti-inflammatory blends:

Lavender Crème Brûlée

Mountain Sunrise

Prickly Pear

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