This January:

The Matcha Challenge

Order now so you have Matcha in time for the challenge - or come see us at the shop! 

We are excited to dive into 2021 with a wellness boosting challenge: matcha each day for the month of January.

During January we will be sharing brew tips, recipes, and matcha inspirations so you can up your wellness game in 2021!



powdered Japanese green tea


vibrant ∙ earthy ∙ grassy

Why Matcha?

Matcha is the ultimate wellness booster. Our inspiration to start the Matcha Challenge came from Matcha's antioxidant content which makes it a great lifestyle habit for reducing risk of developing cancer. The matriarch of this tea family, Dana, is a three time cancer survivor, so we are all about living preventatively. Our family decided last year to challenge ourselves, and each other, to a month long matcha challenge with the goal of reducing our risk of disease. As we began our research though, we fell in love with Matcha for many more reasons!

Matcha is a great work day companion. It is energizing because it is rich in caffeine, but it is also calming for our mind. It generates waves in our brain that are associated with mediation, the dream state, and that in-the-zone type of feeling we can observe when someone is really in tune with what they are doing. Matcha is soothing for anxiety, combats depressive feelings, boosts focus, and creates feelings of well-being.

Matcha, and green tea in general, are widely known for boosting metabolism, but did you know Matcha also helps skin maintain elasticity? Matcha protects the body from free radical damage and preserves that youthful glow we call collagen. We want to drink it - yes, of course - but we also just sort of want to bathe ourselves in Matcha's magic.

Daily Matcha is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and neurologically degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and it protects the liver.


It is such an easy beverage option for someone on the go because it doesn't require steeping.

Simply heat water, stir in matcha, and then add honey and a dash of cream for a quick and easy treat!

Get stocked now, so you're ready for the January challenge! 

Happy Tea Time Friends!


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