early detection is key

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Check Yourself Mug

A portion of each Check Yourself mug sale is donated to the American Cancer Society.

Don't forget to drink antioxidants and check yourself!

Do you check yourself regularly?

Early detection is key. Being well-acquainted with all the lumps, bumps, and fatty tissue in your breast will help you develop a baseline for normal, so if you notice anything abnormal, you can bring it up to your doctor promptly. Here are some tips.


1. Check yourself in the shower. You're already naked, you're soapy and slippery, and you can feel all around from armpit to nipple with ease.

2. Look at your breasts in the mirror? Aren't they pretty? Do they look they way they usually do?

3. Check yourself lying down in bed. In most cases, a doctor will look for any abnormalities while you're laying on an exam table, so knowing what your breasts feel like while laying on your back can help you better guide your doctor to any areas of concern you've observed.

4. Relax. A stress-free lifestyle contributes to overall wellness and cancer prevention.

Happy hump (🌸 🌸) day friends!

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