Our little tea co started in the mountain town of Ruidoso, NM. We sold antiques on consignment, 10 types of tea, and 3 types of honey… we really hoped the community would like what we were offering. At this time, we spent much of the day hoping someone would visit the shop and tried not to act too excited when we had guests. When someone made a purchase, we couldn't be thankful enough: every transaction was an affirmation that we were providing something people actually wanted and that we might be able to grow in this community.
Luckily for us, our little tea shop was embraced and we were able to save enough money to move on to the main street in Ruidoso, where our current location sits. We were so excited to move into this location because it had big beautiful windows that let the light in and could sustain all the plants we wanted to have in our shop; as well as our aquaponics system that grows all the way up to the ceiling. The shop just looked like Ruidoso, with its old wood beams that, in parts, looked like it had been charred by fire. Sometimes a bird would fly in from outside and perch on a beam in the ceiling. Of course, he didn't stay, but he did seem like he belonged.

When people who had visited us in our original location came to find us on the main street, it felt like seeing an old friend; we were honored that someone thought enough of our little tea co to come look for us when they had gone to our old location and saw we were no longer there. Some of these people still visit our shop and bring in old tins and jars, with really old labels, to refill their tea stock. By this point, they almost feel more like family as they are the people who raised our little tea co. 

Today we have seven locations total and a wonderful team of conscientious individuals who treat the tea shop like it's their own and contribute daily to the evolution of our brand and business model. There have been trials on our path and we've learned some hard lessons in business over the years but it still feels like each little tea shop is a sanctuary: a place to feel calm, inspired, and wholesome.

Today we just wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped us grow and create this little sanctuary. 

Old Barrel Tea Co has been a labor of love and joy.

With so much gratitude,

Bailey & the OBTC team

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