Wellness To-Go Bundle

Wellness To-Go Bundle

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So easy, it shouldn't be good for you! Here is how you do it...

1. Add a spoonful of our powdered Superfood Golden Milk, your preferred sweetener (we recommend honey), almond or oat milk, and ice to your Old Barrel Tea Co water bottle.

2. Shake and you're ready to go!

This package includes....

Superfood Golden Milk 


turmeric powder, maca powder, moringa powder, Vietnamese ground cinnamon, beet powder, cocoa powder, and ground black pepper


subtle spice ∙ creamy ∙ decadent


Golden milk, made from powdered turmeric and spices, is widely loved for its medicinal properties. We added even more superfood ingredients to this Golden Milk blend to pack a punch of antioxidants that will leave you feeling healthier and happier. Plus, it is so easy to make!

The OBTC Water Bottle

  • slim enough to fit in a cup holder or backpack
  • won't leak
  • will keep your iced tea cold all day
  • holds 20 oz of fluids
Get Healthy 🧡 Be Happy
Follow our recipe for Superfood Golden Milk here:

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