Rose Geranium Distilled Mist

Rose Geranium Distilled Mist

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Rose Geranium possesses a gorgeous complex aroma which is floral and green with a hint of citrus. Rose Geranium can be used to vanquish stress, anxiety, tension and for prompting creative spontaneity. You can also try it as a toner to balance combination skin. 

Our distilled mists are made with fresh plant matter in a copper still. Each batch is a manual labor of love. After the distillate is rendered, the plant matter remaining is put into a kiln and turned into ash. This ash, we add to the distillate and filter for use. Alchemy is our reality.

Shake well before use. Made in New Mexico. 

Ingredients: Organicis Rose Geranium Distillate and Essential Oil.

 2.5 oz

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