Rest Up Essential Oil Blend

Rest Up Essential Oil Blend

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5 parts Eucalyptus, 2 parts Peppermint, 2 parts Lavender

Aromatic Description:

sweet florals ∙ earthy ∙ menthol


As the Earth settles into the brand new season of Autumn and the animals and plants begin their journey of rest and hibernation, we too are reminded to pause, reflect, and look inward. This essential oil combination captures calming and soothing aromas as it reminds us to slow down and take time for self care. The three oils work together to inspire feelings of serenity and balance.


  • Add your drops of each oil to an essential oil diffuser at nighttime while sleeping (especially useful during allergy season or when you are sick) to ensure a good night’s rest of easy breathing.

  • Create an in-home spa experience by combining drops of each oil with epsom salt, then add to a warm bath and breathe in the soothing steam.

  • Combine a few drops of each oil with a carrier oil and massage into temples when practicing any form of self care.

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