Aurum Miracle Anti-Aging Serum

Aurum Miracle Anti-Aging Serum

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This age-reversing serum is named after Aurum, the Latin word for gold, and is as brightening and revitalizing as it sounds. The golden-hued serum has a silky light consistency and effortlessly glides across the skin leaving no film or tacky feeling on the surface, thanks to the all-natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients in the Aurum Serum are packed with omega fatty acids that hydrates your skin, promotes elasticity and cell regeneration, and helps reduce swelling and redness associated with skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea.

Use daily for best results. Made in New Mexico.


jojoba, argon, pomegranate seed oil, meadowfoam, sea buckthorn, prickly pear, rose oil, and vitamin E

1 oz glass dropper bottle

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