Harvest Life Essential Oil Blend
Harvest Life Essential Oil Blend
Harvest Life Essential Oil Blend
Harvest Life Essential Oil Blend

Harvest Life Essential Oil Blend

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100% Pure Essential Oils

Aromatic Description: 
warm wood  leafy earth  citrus simmer pot


This fall-inspired essential oil blend is comforting and enchanting as it captures the spirit of autumn, and is a call to remember our Earth and all she gives us in the harvest months. This sweet and earthy blend transports you to a cozy evening spent at home, while overcast clouds chill the air and the aroma of baking spices, damp cedar bark, and citrus swirl from a simmer pot on the stove. As the mystical month of October sets in, the perfect opportunity to look inward and nurture our imagination and creativity awaits. These three oils work together to comfort, boost mood and sooth anxiety and fatigue, while nourishing the skin, boosting immunity and grounding the senses. Enjoy 10% off this month only.

  • Massage Frankincense Essential Oil and Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil on hands and joints after gardening, cleaning, crafting, painting, or other strenuous activities, as both oils are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Diffuse Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Frankincense Essential Oil during cold and flu season to eliminate airborne bacteria to create a safe and breathable space.
  • Combine Frankincense Essential Oil, Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil, and Sweet Orange Essential Oil into an unscented face moisturizer to use as a spot treatment for acne and to give your skin a boost of anti-aging glow.

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