Grounding Day Essential Oil Blend

Grounding Day Essential Oil Blend

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Aromatic Description: 

freshly mowed lawn ∙ warm earth ∙ cool air


This essential oil combination grounds the senses and uplifts your mood as it captures the aroma of a woodland forest sprouting back to life for the spring season. The three oils work together to relieve anxiety and tension while restoring emotional balance. Diffuse all three oils together to embrace the transitioning season and welcome the warming weather. We like to use 2 parts Pine Needle Essential Oil, 1 part Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and 2 parts Patchouli Essential Oil.

  • Combine Pine Needle and Patchouli to use directly on fingernails and toenails as a treatment for nail fungus.
  • Reduce redness and swelling in joint areas where arthritis occurs by mixing Pine Needle and Sweet Orange with an unscented lotion or skin oil.
  • Use Sweet Orange and Patchouli with skincare products as a tool to tone the skin and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

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