Easy Leaf Tea by Timothy d'Offay

Easy Leaf Tea by Timothy d'Offay

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Book Description

Unravel the history, sample the flavors and experience the amazing versatility of the world's favorite brew and all its health-giving properties. 

About the Author

Timothy d’Offay became fascinated by tea culture and tea growing while living in Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto, over 20 years ago. Using Japan as a base, he soon started to explore the tea traditions of Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong as well. In 2000, these experiences led him to co-found East Teas at Borough Market in London, UK, with the tea expert Alex Fraser, and in 2008 he set up Postcard Teas, a high-end tea importing business with a shop in London's exclusive Mayfair. His work involves traveling extensively across Asia to source and import some of the world's finest tea leaves.

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