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Pecan Pie Pu Erh and Horchata Rooibos is a blend full of fall flavors, featuring the nuttiness of the pecans and cinnamon spice! It is moderately caffeinated, promotes weight-loss, promotes strong bones, great for skin and hair health, and is antioxidant rich! We love to sip on this iced tea all day long throughout the summer to stay hydrated and cool! The Health BenefitsPecan Pie Pu Erh Promotes weight loss Can help break down and eliminate the body of toxins Balances bacterial in the stomach and intestine Soothes the stomach and eases digestion Suppresses the synthesis of fatty acids which can help your body stop producing higher levels of fat The amino acid L-theanine can help you relax and concentrate better Contains alkylamine antigens...

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NO DESSERT? NO PROBLEM.Lavender Creme Brûlée Creamy. Decadent. Floral.Ingredients: Rooibos, natural creme brûlée flavor, lavender, and blue cornflowers.Craving something sweet after dinner? Try Lavender Creme Brûlée - this blend is antioxidant rich, will help reduce inflammation, alleviates aches and pains, and promotes restful sleep!​SERVE HOT WITH HONEY & CREAM.

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APPEASE THE FIERCEST SWEET TOOTH: THE DESSERT BOX What's in it? MOCHA MATE Toasted Mate tea blended with dark chocolate chips, natural hazelnut flavor, natural chocolate flavor, and marigold flowers LAVENDER CREME BRÛLÉE Rooibos, natural creme brûlée flavor, lavender, and blue cornflowers BANANA BREAD COFFEE PU ERH Pu Erh tea, red rooibos, diced banana chips, Durango Coffee Co's coffee, marigold flowers, cinnamon chips, and natural flavors BEE POLLEN BLACK Black tea, apple pieces, bee pollen, natural vanilla flavor, marigold flowers STAWBERRY HAZELNUT PU ERH Pu Erh tea leaves blended with strawberries, cocoa nibs, natural strawberry flavor, natural creme flavor, and natural hazelnut flavor VANILLA ROOIBOS Rooibos with natural vanilla flavor

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SEPTEMBER 2019 September is a wonderful midpoint between the end of summer and the start of Autumn that eases us into the colder months. As temperatures start cooling down, now is the perfect time to start transitioning from your favorite iced teas to hot teas! Our September Tea of the Month is a great transitional tea! Read more below! 👇 Tea of the Month: Bee Pollen Black & Vanilla Rooibos Bee Pollen Black & Vanilla Rooibos is an incredible blend when served iced or hot with a spoonful of honey and a dash of cream! It tastes a little like birthday cake and cocoa! This blend is immune boosting, rich in antioxidants, a natural pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory, and it promotes neurological health!...

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A+ blends for top performing students! Back to school? Our favorite brain boosting tea blends! 👇 HONEYSUCKLE BLOSSOM OOLONG We love Oolong tea because it is great for both increasing mental alertness and promoting relaxation - a perfect combination we love for long study sessions, or any type of work, that requires mental energy and focus!  Lemongrass, being a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, will help to reduce muscle and joint pain, while fighting off sicknesses that tend to circulate around a classroom. If you love Jasmine Green Tea, you'll love this floral treat! We love Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong unsweetened and served over ice.   TROPICAL BLACK & LAVENDERSAGE LEMONADE With black tea, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lavender, sage, and licorice root, this blend is an overall wellness booster! We love to drink...

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