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ashwagandha 🌿 an ancient adaptogen 🌿 HERE'S THE SCOOP: Ashwagandha is a short woody plant native to India, Africa, and the Mediterranean. In folklore, Ashwagandha is said to give the strength, stamina, and character of a stallion, as "ashwa" translates to "horse." The use of Ashwagandha dates back 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, and has been described in sacred Ayurvedic texts. It’s classified as an adaptogen, which means it promotes homeostasis in your body and enhances the body's ability to deal with stress. SHOP OUR FAVORITE ASHWAGANDHA PRODUCTS! D Tea F This blend is intended to relax you and get you in the physical and mental place to feel sexy! Drink daily to promote hormonal balance, or to ignite passion (meeeeowww 😻)....

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s∙a∙g∙e  🌿 a wisdom welcoming herb 🌿 HERE'S THE SCOOP: The scientific name for sage is Salvia, which comes from the Latin word Salveo, “to heal” or “to save.” Sage belongs to the mint family, alongside other herbs like rosemary, oregano, basil, and thyme. The Romans regarded sage as a holy herb and used it to clean their teeth because of its antibacterial properties! According to traditional Celtic lore, sage symbolizes wisdom, as they believed eating it improved memory and opened the mind. SHOP OUR FAVORITE SAGE PRODUCTS! Lavender Sage Lemonade Clary Sage Essential Oil Bouquet Garni Lavender Sage Lemonade Tea Soap HEALING PROPERTIES OF SAGE Sage is loaded with antioxidants that are linked to several health benefits, including improved brain...

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c∙i∙n∙n∙a∙m∙o∙n 🤎 warming ∙ sweet ∙ woody 🤎 THE HISTORY: The aroma of cinnamon is unmistakable and can make anyone instantly crave hot cinnamon rolls straight from the oven. The comforting aroma has enchanted people for hundreds of years, and cinnamon has been a cherished ingredient throughout history! Countries fought over it in the Spice War, and it was used as a form of currency at one point. In Egypt, cinnamon was even used as part of an herb and spice mixture for mummification! SHOP OUR FAVORITE TEA BLENDS WITH CINNAMON! Horchata Rooibos Apple Empanada Pecan Pie Pu Erh Ginger Chai HEALING PROPERTIES OF CINNAMON Cinnamon contains large amounts of highly potent polyphenol antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body from oxidative...

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S ∙ A ∙ F ∙ F ∙ L ∙ O ∙ W ∙ E ∙ R the heart healthy flower ⚘⚘⚘ Safflower is an herbaceous little crop that thrives in hot dry climates, and it is believed to have been domesticated somewhere in the Fertile Crescent, also called the "cradle of civilization," about 4,000 years ago. The Fertile Crescent is found in the Middle East in a region where the soil is rich and the water is abundant. The region's natural riches led to an exchange of culture and ideas and soon enough, Safflower made its way through the world. READ MORE ON THE HEART HEALTHY PROPERTIES OF SAFFLOWER ⬇ ☀️ Safflower, commonly mistaken for saffron, has a rich...

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H ∙ I ∙ B ∙ I ∙ S ∙ C ∙ U ∙ S lowers blood pressure ∙ antioxidant rich ∙ boosts liver health 🌺 🌺 🌺 Hibiscus holds great symbolism across many cultures. It symbolizes powerful femininity, passion, friendship, sincerity, and the delicate nature of life. The flower only blooms a full day before closing, and then eventually falling off the plant. The flowers remind us just how precious life is, and to seize moments and opportunities, as they may not come again.  READ MORE ON THE HEALTH PROPERTIES OF HIBISCUS ⬇ ✨ We love the bright, acidic, and juicy elements of hibiscus - this is why this gorgeously pink flower is found in many of our blends! It's easy to...

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